2016 Retrospective and Planning

Finally here! Another year’s over and this blog is here for almost 2 years now. Following best agile practices it’s time to do a little retrospective and make some planes for the future. Let’s summarise what was good during past year and what could went better. Brag alert: there’s a lot to be happy about!


This time last year I was happy to see number of  200 page views average per day. Right now, there are more than 900 page views daily! What haven’t change is that most of this (about 80%) comes from Google search. Since the very begging I pay little attention to SEO efforts, so those figures says to me that we’re going in the good direction.

Tutorial series

The most popular group of posts of on my blog are ones connected with specific technology, framework or technical challenges. I added Tutorial menu with aim to group all those posts. I’ve started also new series about Protractor, which will be developed further. In 2017 I’m planning to continue this trend, with main focus on performance and high-scalability aspects.


Greater traffic means higher server demand. In 2016 I moved to new hosting, setting backups, restore-plans and other operational stuff. Since this blog is 100% free and independent, I placed Google AdSense banners on the sidebar to cover server costs with ads revenue. There’s no any pop-ups or blind-clicks, just 3 banners which I hope to be little distractive. Adds revenue is only to cover server costs, so If you enjoy reading this blog, consider adding it to AdBlock’s whitelist.

Public speaking

One of my goals for past year was to take part in some local events as a speaker. I visited few Polish major cities with talks about Docker, Microservices and DevOps. I really enjoyed this experience and received a lot of good feedback. 2017 will be no different – I already have some dates scheduled. If you’re interested to listen to me on your test-related event – feel free to contact me.


The best thing about blogging and running website is to see users involvement – I hope you look forward for the new posts like I do. If you want to request an article on particular subject, or just want to say hi – feel free to leave a comment!

Oh yes – and there’s a new logo!