About Me

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.12.29Test Automation geek & Software Engineer. Particularly interested in JVM technologies, building test automation frameworks, CI pipelines and testing service oriented architecture. Big enthusiast of agile movement with passion for process improvement.

In the case of proposals for work cooperation, consultation, trainings or desire to talk about new technologies, feel free to contact me: lukasz.roslonek@gmail.com. You can also add me on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter or fork on Github.


  • Development (Java, Groovy, Python, Scala)
  • Test Automation Frameworks (Junit, TestNG, Spock, Cucumber)
  • Web Browser Automation (Selenium, Grid, Geb, Protractor, Nightwatch.JS, Casper.JS)
  • REST/SOAP Automation (Rest-Assured, SoapUI, Jersey, Spring)
  • Continuous Integration (Bamboo, Jenkins)
  • Performance Testing (Gatling, JMeter, Vegeta)